About This Site

A newfound labor of love. An inspiration to traders.

This site is those things and so much more. What’s most important is how do you navigate through it and get the most out of it.

First, this site will not discuss my personal trading strategy. This is because the strategy I use is the intellectual property of the academy I purchased it from. For copyright reasons, I am not able to share details of the methods I use to identify entries, stops, and targets. Regardless, there is still so much that can be shared.

What is Enduring Resolve?

In order to be successful business owner and trader requires both persistence and consistence. You have to have the resolve to stay the course when life gets hard and you don’t think you’re going to make it. You need to have the resilience to power through it all. You need an enduring resolve. That’s what this site stands for.

Navigating The Site

This site covers the following categories:

  • Journal – these are posts that are about my thoughts and experiences with trading. It has the following tags associated with it.
  • Education – these posts are learning about the many strategies and techniques in the trading world. We’ll also go over trading technologies. These are some of the tags you’ll find in this category:
    • Book reviews
    • Economics – we will cover various economic topics, predominantly centered on macroeconomics.
    • Quantitative Analysis – explore algorithmic trading, financial mathematics, and general quantitative analysis
  • Analysis – here I explore how to best conduct analysis of our performance.
    • Daily Report Card – here I go over what I have done today and the performance of the day’s trades; these are most commonly tweets.
    • Weekly Analysis – I review my trading performance for the week
    • Monthly Analysis
    • Quarterly Analysis
    • Annual Analysis
  • Business – here I go over the business of trading and the financial services industry in general. That is how you treat your trading right? Like a business? I hope so!
    • Topics you can find here include: business entities for trading, commissions, data pricing, bookkeeping, money management, and taxes.

If there is anything you would like me to discuss, explore, or share on this site then feel free to share your thoughts on my twitter account.

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