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“I knew I wanted to be a Marine when I was eight, and I knew I wanted to be a business owner when I was twelve”

Iraq 2008

Those were the words that made my wife fall for me. For her, they showed how focused and determined I was. To me, though, it’s my life and something I’ve been working on since I made those decisions. I achieved becoming a United States Marine and after ten years on active duty, I continue to serve in the Marine Corps reserve. I’ve been a Marine for the past 18 years. It is still the best decision I’ve made in my life.

Since 2010, I’ve been working on the latter portion of that line. I’ve been a real estate investor, real estate agent, commercial real estate broker, and many other businesses. All of them went no where for the same reason. I was not meant to be in any of those businesses. Then I found trading and in it, found my calling. It’s applied statistics and adhering to processes and systems. Add continuous analysis and development of skill to that, and you have me.

The Reality

As much as trading is what I was meant to do, it was not obvious at first. I enrolled for a trading training program with my wife in the Fall of 2016. It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that I decided I needed to pursue it with everything I had. What happened? My son happened. We had our first child. I hated leaving his side after my paternal leave to go back to a job that I didn’t care for. I wanted to stay by his side as long as I could. So, I recommitted to becoming a trader and set out to be full time by the spring of 2019 – seven months later!

I sim traded through the Fall and by November was live and profitable. I gave that back to the market in January of 2019 and become profitable again. Along the way, I took the lead on two trading meetups and committed to learning everything I can about becoming a successful trader. Then came the idea for this site. I want to share my experiences as I go through this journey. The simple act of having to maintain the site will reinforce all the habits I need to become a successful trader.

Aside from the personal attraction I have to the sport of trading, I love it for so many more reasons. Why I trade:

It gives me time to spend with my family

This is the reason that I dedicated myself to trading. I reject the concept that most – not all – jobs require 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. Most of our time at work is spent politic-ing and doing tasks that are busy work and not productive. I have spent entire days with my son and have been able to see how much different a 3 month old is from a 9 month old. I would not give this experience back for the world!

My wife and I decided that the first 5 years of my son’s life are the most critical. After those five years, he’ll be sharing his time with us since he’ll be in school…then nothing will ever be the same. The first five years, his time is our time. I don’t want to spend giving time to some thankless institution for a paycheck and miss these formative years.

I am not geographically committed to any one place

This is a big one…obviously because it made this list! Living in the greater DC area, a 6 mile drive can take an hour depending on what time you are on the road. It could take me longer to drive to work than to ride my bicycle. The commute just had to go. My profession didn’t require me to be in an office to be productive. The combination of those two things made me reject the status quo. Trading allows me to earn money from anywhere in the world. All I need is an internet connection. This is exactly the lifestyle that my wife and I want to live. We don’t want to be nomads, but close enough.

It allows me to pursue other interests

I left active duty because there were other things I wanted to do in life than just serve. I was active during a very challenging time. The wars were both in full swing and I operated a critical aircraft performing a key mission. By the time I left active duty, I did 8 deployments (of atleast 6 weeks) in 4 years, 3 of which were combat deployments (7 months long). My last few years, I spent in support of recruiting operations which had me at 50% travel. All this gave me an immense appreciation for time.

I have loved art and music since I was a child. I’ve taken classes in both since then and am a drummer and guitarist. Like any adult, I can go years without doing any of those hobbies. My drumset and guitars spend more time as decorations in our apartment than as musical instruments. Since I’ve started trading, I’ve been able to spend a little time each week on each of these pursuits. I recently became a full time trader and it still takes a lot of my time, which I don’t mind because I enjoy the process of trading. Also, I know someday trading will take me much less time to do which I will gladly fill with something else.

First Solo December 2018

An immediate change that trading has allowed me to implement is pursuing my civilian flight certifications. I was a Naval Flight Officer (think co-pilot) in the Marine Corps. I had not flown since 2007 and have since returned to the cockpit. All thanks to the time flexibility that trading has provided me, I’ve been able to fly at least 3-4 times per week.

What this all means to you

The side benefit of this site is that you can benefit from learning from my triumphs and my mistakes. Along the way, I hope that you share your experiences on this site as well. Even better, I hope that it inspires you to take the next steps in your trading journey. You’ll get to learn more about me as new posts are added to the site. I look forward to learning from you!



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