1. Hi Jose!

      Thanks for checking in on me. Man, what a couple of weeks it’s been! The Marine Corps called me back to active duty for the next year. I’m not going overseas, though. Thankfully, I’ll remain local in the DC area where I already live. All the same, it’s put a speed bump on life overall. I’ve been meaning to write a short post to let you all know what is happening but keep failing to do so because I’m pulled in multiple directions right now.

      I’m moving my family right now, the movers come this weekend. We’re packing as I write this. I aim to be back up and publishing on the blog and the podcast by the beginning of July. Unfortunately, Operation Enduring Resolve has come to an abrupt halt because of all of this. I roll with the punches though and haven’t stopped trading, just returned to swing trading. I’ll aim to get a post out by the end of this week explaining all that’s going on.

      I really appreciate you checking up on me! I can’t tell you how great it feels that you did. It takes a lot of work to keep this blog going and it’s so awesome to see that you look forward to my posts.

      I hope you’re doing amazing and that life is treating you well!



      1. Hi Luis,

        Wow, that is one helluva curve ball life just threw at you! Good luck with adapting to your new situation, I know you’ll do fine.

        I just finished with a move of my own as well. After 10 years I decided to sell my condo and “take profit” lol. Now I am watching the markets for a re-entry, but this time into a house instead of a condo. It seems to me that Covid-19 likely comes back even stronger in the winter, likely wreaking more economic havoc, and bringing prices down. Whether my base case is right or wrong, I don’t plan on buying back into real estate in 2020.

        I am thankful to have maintained full employment, and am in money saving mode. I am putting my day trading on SIM for a while, as I study some RW. I look forward to both my own and to your trading journey ahead, let’s do this!

        All the best,

  1. Hi Luis,

    I had the same issue with Tradestation not allowing me to trade the front month of @CL in April.

    They said they didn’t want to risk another messy negative price action situation.

    Also I noticed in real time that their matrix froze at $0.00, and only the price in the header reflected the real time negative quote. That would have scared the heck out of anyone long lol (but great for shorts)

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